Circular Fashion Fast Forward

Accelerating the change to circular business models in fashion retail

The Circular Fashion Fast Forward project started in 2018, as part of the Laudes Foundation’s Bridging the Gap programme. LWARB and QSA Partners created the project to stimulate market change in the clothing and fashion sector, focusing on London as a global fashion hub.

Circular Fashion Fast Forward delivered real market change

Our project focused on developing real circular business models and bringing them to market in London, to showcase how these can work to benefit customers and businesses alike, and create a stimulus for wider market change. We chose London because it’s a global fashion centre, a large market and is densely populated – meaning that there is a high chance that new business models can reach a good number of customers with minimal delivery and logistical demands.

We worked with four brands to identify and evaluate business model opportunities adidas, FARFETCH, FW and Ted Baker. Each brand had a strong tie to London’s fashion industry. Where the business case was demonstrated, and where wider business and market conditions permitted, we successfully trialled and scaled up circular business models with these brands.

This website offers a structured system to share the key learning points from our project with the global fashion industry. We hope you find useful inspiration here to explore your own circular fashion business model.

“QSA’s expertise in circular business helped to bring exciting new circular offers to London, the UK and across the world. I’m delighted that LWARB partnered with QSA to lead this project and inspire real circular business model change.”

– Wayne Hubbard, CEO, LWARB


LWARB is a partnership of the Mayor of London and the London boroughs to improve waste and resource management. The city’s economic and environmental future depends on a transition to a low carbon circular economy. LWARB works to ensure that London’s businesses, local government and communities thrive by helping them make the very best use of resources and materials.

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