Getting started on this site

Welcome to your first lesson! Let’s start with your menu controls.

To the left, you’ll see the navigation menu for the section you’re using. If you want to hide this menu, click on the arrow near the top left-hand corner. You can expand sections by clicking on the small up or down arrows.

You can return to the main menu for this course by hovering over the account icon in the top right and selecting Course Home.

If you ever need to get back to the home page just click on the QSA logo in the top left corner:

Content is set out in a structured way in each learning section. The first section explains the structure we use, then you can choose the content that works best for you.

If you want to jump straight to a particular section in a course, just click on that section in the left-hand menu. You can also access the topics within the current lesson using the links below.

When you’re finished with a topic or lesson look for the Mark Complete button at the top and bottom of the page.