Using attachments and guidance materials

Some lessons and topics will include items you can download. Look out for the Materials tab at the top of a page:

The materials tab will show a list of items in orange – these are links to documents you can download. They’ll often be plain MS Word files that you can edit and upload as assignments to our site. Premium users can upload assignments as part of our consulting services. All regular users can upload assignments to keep track of what they’ve done.

The upload box will tell you what types of files you can upload, and the size limit.

Once you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll see that it’s awaiting review. If you want to delete the upload, click on the X icon next to it. You can also add comments (and view our replies) by clicking on the speech bubble icon.

You’re welcome to test this out with the sample materials on this topic!

Once the assignment is approved by one of our experts, your task will be marked complete.